Westfield Tartan Order Form

In celebration of the 350th Anniversary and in honor of our Westfield students, the Westfield State Foundation commissioned an exclusive Westfield tartan with the Scottish Registry of Tartans in Scotland! There isn't another tartan like this, it incorporates the colors of the three secondary schools in Westfield and the colors of Westfield State University.

  • Blue, White and Gold for Westfield State University
  • Black and Red for Westfield High School
  • Purple and Gold for Westfield Technical Academy
  • Green and Gold for Saint Mary’s High School

Ties and wrist-strap keychains in the Westfield tartan are for purchase. 

Proceeds from the sale of the Westfield tartan items, will directly support our Westfield Pride scholarship. Once endowed, this scholarship will be awarded to the student with the highest GPA from each of Westfield’s secondary schools who will be attending Westfield State.