Carly Thibodeau ’20, New Associate Director of Sustainability at Endicott College

Carly Thibodeau ’20, New Associate Director of Sustainability at Endicott College

As Endicott College’s new Associate Director of Sustainability, Carly Thibodeau ’20 manages Sustainable Endicott, a suite of initiatives focused on sustainability at the college. Thibodeau also planned events and activities for Sustainability Week (November 9-16), with the help of four student fellows, Gabby Blum, Erin Brophy, Olivia Mersicano, and Cheryl Mei. 

Blum has helped organize four Sustainability Weeks. “Sustainability Week finds ways to make each aspect of this campus as sustainable as it can be and encourages students’ involvement in maintaining it through Sustainable Endicott,” Blum explained.   

Thibodeau described the best part of Sustainability Week as “seeing students realize how much of an impact they can make even through small actions. That’s what Sustainability Week is all about.” 

Thibodeau learned about conservation first-hand growing up in rural Mendon, Mass. 

“There was a pond out back and I was constantly out there playing in the mud, catching frogs and salamanders, and exploring the woods. I've always really been into nature and protecting it,” she said.   

As an undergraduate student at Westfield State, she enjoyed a study abroad trip to Costa Rica that inspired her to pursue a career in sustainability and education. 

“I was struck by how much of an impact the environment has on us and how much our economy impacts the environment,” she said. She listened to environmentalists and business leaders loudly speaking over one another and hoped to one day serve as a bridge between the two groups. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and environmental science from WSU in 2020. She was a valedictorian, swim team member, and is a Lifetime Owl. She is currently completing her Master's in Sustainability at Tufts University. 

Adapted from an article written by Danna Lorch