November 12: Lifelong Learning Webinar | Success is Knocking!

When life doesn’t go exactly as you planned and you experience rejection, it is easy to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.

With the disruptions Covid-19 has caused, most are reeling from unplanned bumps in the road. If you are wondering what to do next in finding a job, finding a better job, or changing career direction, now is the time to dig deep, show resilience, reignite self-belief, rediscover self-worth, and wake up the winner that dwells deep inside. As we discuss self-doubt turning into self-esteem, we are not advocating just thinking positive thoughts. Positivity is a part of building a successful career, but right thoughts must turn into right actions.

In this webinar, Karla Brandau will cover how to:

  • Increase charisma and confidence in six easy steps
  • Live with positive expectation every day of your life
  • Turn a negative spiral of self-doubt into a positive spiral of moving forward
  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt when you make human mistakes
  • Turn rejection or life’s unexpected twists into lessons that move you forward

More information and registration here