The "WEF" 2019

The Henry Wefing Journalism Scholarship Fund

Professor Henry Wefing taught journalism and writing courses at Westfield State University from 1985 until he became ill in late 2014. He passed away in May 2015.

Henry was a veteran reporter and editor before turning to teaching. He believed journalists should be fair, accurate and curious in their reporting and imaginative storytellers in their writing. Hundreds of future journalists graduated from Westfield State embracing those lessons.

The Henry Wefing Journalism Scholarship Fund seeks to honor and continue Professor Wefing’s legacy by supporting students interested in a journalism-related career.

The golf tournament has come to be known by a nickname students often used for their beloved professor—“Wef”. We hope you will be playing “The WEF” this year and in future years.

Thank you for helping us honor a humble, gifted, and generous man as we strive to keep alive his values of journalistic integrity for our students and the society they will serve as professional communicators and citizens.