2021-22 Donor Honor Roll

The Westfield State Foundation, Inc. recognizes our donors for their contributions in Fiscal Year 2022. The Fiscal Year includes gifts made from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

Our students benefit greatly from your generosity and will continue to have an exceptional experience that extends to the classroom and beyond. Thank you for your unending support. 

Impact report

$1,000 or over

11 Anonymous Donors
Mark E. Aldam '85
Arbella Insurance Foundation, Inc.
The Ascolillo Family
Susan A. Bailey '79 and Roy D. Bailey, Jr.
Carolyn P. Baron '70 and Robert E. Baron
Bay State Fuel Oil, Inc.
Baystate Noble Hospital
Michael J. Belle '86
Berkshire Bank Foundation, Inc.
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.
Elizabeth M. Blankenstein '80 and Ronald G. Blankenstein
Boise Cascade Distribution Center
Barbara H. Braem-Jensen H'14 and Robert Jensen
Erica A. Broman and Christopher J. Millette
Amy C. Burrows '04 and Matthew C. Burrows
Sheridan F. Carey '65 and Eileen C. Carey
William D. Chase '78 and Sheila A. Chase
William P. Chase, II '91 and Lynne A. Chase
City Of Westfield
Jennifer Cloutier '99 and James Cloutier
The College Board
College Hype Sportswear, Inc.
James Collins '80 and Amy Collins
Committee to Elect Elizabeth D. Scheibel
Thomas H. Convery '78
Joan Corell
Kevin F. Daley and Susan E. Daley
Peter M. Davenport '80 and Cynthia Davenport
John B. Davies H'13 and Sharon A. Davies
Angela M. Defrank
Jennifer M. DeSimone '90
John Doherty '90 and Ann Doherty
Tian-Jia Dong
Eaton Vance Investment Counsel
Elm Electrical, Inc.
Everett & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc.
Daphne S. Felten-Green '87 and Jeffrey S. Felten-Green
Ana H. Flaster and Andrew D. Flaster
Daniel B. Forster G'16 and Rosalie Forster L'94 G'95
Michael A. Freeman
Friends of the Westfield 350 Inc.
Francis Friguglietti '73 G'76 and Kathleen Hogan-Friguglietti '77, G'92
Galina Gertsenzon
John A. Gilbert, Jr. '79 and Claire M. Gilbert
Robert Goyette H'17 and Ann Goyette
Grateful Alumnus
John Greaney H'80 and Susan Greaney '64
Lawrence T. Gwozdz '69 and Barbara K. Elsner-Gwozdz '69
James C. Hagan, Sr. '84 and Kristin Hagan
Peter J. Haley
Russell A. Hammond '73 and Janice Carroll
Hi-Tech Window & Siding Installation, Inc.
Jennifer Hixon
William T. Hogan, III '77 and Susan Hogan
The Howard, Jane, and Carol Robbins Family Memorial Trust
Craig N. Johns '91 and Elizabeth Johns
Kane Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc.
Karin P. Karey '84 and Ken Karey
Kathleen A. Knapik G'08 and Michael R. Knapik
James T. Krupienski and Megan Krupienski
Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency, Inc.
Madeline Landrau and Carlos Landrau
Love you to pIeCEs
Robert Mahar '56
John F. Malley, Jr. '87 and Tina M. Malley
Steven P. Marcus '88 and Renee S. Marcus
Robert A. Martin and Elaine Martin
Irene H. McColley
Lisa G. McMahon H'13 and Thomas McMahon
Katharine M. McShea G'08 and Andrew McShea
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
John P. Morizio '75 G'87 and Ermelinda Morizio
The New Harvester Market
Kelli A. Nielsen '04 and Katheryn L. Bradford
O'Connor & Drew, P.C.
Andrew T. Oleksak '69 and Modwyn Oleksak
Oleksak Lumber Company, Inc.
Sue Ellen Panitch and Victor M. Panitch
Charles Parker '88 and Mary Parker
James S. Parker '98 and Joanne Parker
Alice S. Pasterczyk '67 '77
Paul B. Dargin Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Paul W. Dower Revocable Trust
Lisa A. Coletta-Pickron G'86 and Carlton Pickron
Susan D. Quandt '88 and John W. Quandt
Kevin R. Queenin '70 and Barbara T. Queenin '70
Anne Rock and Harry Rock
Drs. Roy H. Saigo and Barbara W. Saigo
Alireza R. Salehi and Mandana Salehi
SCR & Associates, LLC
The Sean M. Gannon Memorial Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation
Roy L. Simpson
Specialty Bolt & Screw, Inc.
Stevens Family Foundation
Michael P. Stolpinski and Nancy B. Stolpinski
Ralph M. Studley '00
Kristine K. Sullivan '77 and Robert D. Sullivan '81
Stephen J. Taksar and Laure Morris
Thankful & Grateful Ambassador
Linda S. Thompson
Tukcor Real Estate & Development Co.
John E. Veneziano '81 and Debra Veneziano
Michael P. Walsh and Mary McLaughlin
Westfield Bank
The Westfield Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.
Robert P. Whitcher '90 and Rita M. Whitcher
Gloria B. Williams, Ed. D. '77 and Bud Williams '73
Frederick W. Woodward
Michael D. Young '10 G'12 and Darcy Young '12


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