Board of Directors

Westfield State Foundation supports students and the University through advocacy, fundraising, engagement and stewardship.

Westfield State Foundation Inc., Board of Directors

Through the Board of Directors, the Foundation develops, fosters, and cultivates relationships with external constituencies, including alumni, friends, business leaders, private foundations, and residents of the Westfield area and beyond.

Executive Board

  • George Flevotomos, Chair
  • Elizabeth Scheibel, Past Chair
  • Kevin Queenin ’70, 1st Vice Chair
  • Heather Witalisz, 2nd Vice Chair
  • James Krupienski, Treasurer
  • Eileen Rockwal '91, Clerk        

Board of Directors

  • Melissa Alvarado '99, Board of Trustees Representative
  • Sheridan F. Carey '65
  • Joshua Clark '15, Alumni Association Representative
  • Daniel Currier '25, Student Government Association  Representative
  • Sharon Czarnecki '92
  • John A. Dempsey, Faculty Representative

Lisa McMahon, Interim Executive Director*     
Dr. Linda Thompson, President, Westfield State University*


  • Lawrence Gwozdz '69
  • James G. Huffmire
  • Mark A. Lambert '85
  • John P. Morizio '75, '87
  • Andrew Oleksak '69
  • Andrea M. Pianka '10
  • Carlton Pickron
  • Isabelina Rodriguez '85, M'88
  • Ralph Studley '00