Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends:

I write to you regarding my father, John Kurty. I am sure that you are aware that his life came to a tragic end on November 12, 2012. He was hit by a pickup truck while taking an afternoon bicycle ride on Western Avenue in Westfield, and died that night in Bay State Medical Center in Springfield. He was 86.

With the passage, now, of nearly four years, that dark chapter has transitioned into a continuing, inspiring story of his life and legacy. The Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund at Westfield State University, established in 2012, now provides a vital source of scholarship funds for students to pursue an undergraduate degree in Movement Science. Applicants demonstrate a strong commitment to intercollegiate athletics and pursue learning opportunities at Westfield State University that maximize the educational experience for self and others.

Throughout his career, my father recognized athletics as a vital part of the educational experience because of the powerful growth opportunities they provide. It's the game of life in a season: collaborating, communicating, creating, problem-solving and growth. Playing your best evolves into being your best self. Having your best season serves as a stepping stone to living your best life. In 1994 John Kurty was the first coach inducted in the Westfield State Hall of Fame.

Thanks to leadership gifts already received, the Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund quickly achieved endowed status. My father would be so pleased to know that the outstanding qualities he demonstrated over a long career – commitment, dedication, and leadership – now serve as inspiration for a new generation of students and athletes. While we continue to mourn his loss he is, in fact, always with us. The Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund ensures that his support of Westfield State and his influence as a teacher, coach, friend and mentor continue within the fabric of the campus.

In 2016 the inaugural recipient of the Coach John Kurty Scholarship award was named. We were very pleased to receive the following note:

To the Family of Coach John Kurty:

I am honored in being the first recipient of the Coach John Kurty Scholarship Award. While receiving this scholarship award I learned more about who Coach Kurty was and I am starting to realize just how big his shoes are to fill. Coach Kurty impacted many people at Westfield State and I hope to learn from his character so I can have a similar impact during my time at Westfield. I am so very honored and humbled to receive such a scholarship award. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Having come so far, I write to ask for your help in honoring the values that John Kurty held dear in a way that will support deserving students in the pursuit of their degree at Westfield State University.

To drive progress toward our initial goal of $30,000, a small group of former student-athletes has made available a pool of monies to match all donations up to $30,000, dollar-for-dollar, made to the Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund by December 31, 2016. We are most grateful to have the offer of matching funds that double the amount of your donation. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. If you or your spouse works for a company that matches gifts, please enclose the employer’s form with your contribution. All donations are tax deductible.


Jack Kurty


To support the Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund:

Contributions can be made online using the form below or by check, payable to the “Westfield State Foundation, Inc.” with “Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund” written in the memo of the check and mailed to:

Coach John Kurty Scholarship Fund
c/o Westfield State Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1630
Westfield, MA 01086-1630
Attention: Lisa McMahon

Coach John Kurty Scholarship Donation Form