Planned Giving

Creating your legacy through Planned Giving

Westfield State University is proud of its rich historic past and its vibrant present and while every donor’s contribution to our school is valued, we are especially appreciative of those individuals who choose to honor our University with a planned gift.

We invite you to consider planned giving as a creative and flexible strategy to create a meaningful legacy, while helping to sustain our University’s tradition of academic excellence, community service and “opportunity-making.”

Planned gifts support Westfield State's Legacy of scholarship, service and opportunity

Your legacy will live on through the good work of the Westfield State community of students, faculty and staff and carry on the mission of social reformer/educator Horace Mann, our University’s founder, who believed that every child, regardless of race, gender, creed or economic class deserved a quality education.

Horace Mann recognized that a different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” He knew that education could change society and he championed an educational model built of service and scholarship.

Planned gifts are easy, varied and beneficial

Planned gifts through a will, living will or retirement plan is an easy method for donors at every income level to support Mann’s extraordinary vision, as reflected at Westfield State. They may be also specifically designed to reflect your desires and interests including any number of Westfield State projects, programs and initiatives. Planned giving may even allow you to make a larger gift to our historic University than you could ordinarily make from your income, and surprisingly, may provide life income for you or your family and substantial tax savings.

However, the greatest benefit of a planned gift to Westfield State is the knowledge that you are making a difference in the lives of students now and for generations to come.

"Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves. We must purposely be kind and generous, or we miss the best part of existence. The heart which goes out of itself gets large and full. This is the great secret of the inner life. We do ourselves the most good doing something for others."
- Horace Mann, Founder, Westfield State University

Planned giving to Westfield State benefits you, your loved ones, our historic University and our student body. A planned gift is surprisingly easy to set up with a variety of choices which are as unique as you are. They can be designed to meet ALL of your needs, while ensuring a legacy of excellence.


  • Safeguarding the financial needs and those of your family and/or loved ones
  • Increasing your current income
  • Reducing your income tax and/or avoiding capital gains tax
  • Receiving income from your personal residence
  • Providing inheritances for your heirs at a reduced tax cost
  • Creating a legacy at Westfield State for future generations
  • Making a larger charitable gift to help others than you ever imagined

  • Interested in a Planned Gift to Westfield State? Contact our office to help you get started!

    Dr. Erica Broman, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
    (413) 572-8644

    Planned Giving: How To

    Gifts from Your Will or Trust

    You want to make a meaningful gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime.

    Donate using the simplest vehicle for giving. Make your gift now, but give later. Name Westfield State in your will or living trust with a gift of a certain amount, or a percentage of your estate.

    Charitable Gift Annuities

    You want to supplement your income with fixed payments for your lifetime which are partially tax-free.

    Sign a simple contract with the University that pays you a set amount for life. Irrevocably transfer assets to Westfield State and receive fixed lifetime payments.

    Gifts of Life Insurance

    You want to make a large meaningful gift to Westfield State University for little cost.

    Donate a paid policy, or create a new policy with the University as your beneficiary.

    Gifts of Real Estate and/or Property

    You want to make a larger gift to the University, while avoiding capital gains tax and receiving a large income tax deduction.

    Give the gift of appreciated real estate to Westfield State by donating your property to the University.

    Gifts of Retained Life Estate

    You want to make a substantial gift that allows you to use your property in whatever way you wish.

    Give the gift of real estate to Westfield State, but keep the rights to use and enjoy your property for life.

    Charitable Remainder Trust Agreements

    You want to diversify your assets. Avoid or defer capital gains tax, while earning increased income/ inflation protection.

    Establish a trust that pays income to you or others for life or a period of time with the remainder principal ultimately given to the University.

    Gifts of Stock or Appreciated Assets

    You want to give a larger gift to the University with immediate benefits and avoid capital gains tax.

    Contribute your long-term appreciated stocks or securities.

    Charitable Lead Trusts

    You want to reduce gift/estate taxes for your heirs, lowering income tax liability and retaining control of assets.

    Establish a trust that pays income to the University for a period of time with assets ultimately given to your heirs.