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Dever Stage has been home to thousands of events in its sixty year history. It has been a beacon for culture, hosting nationally renowned speakers and performers, University productions, and student showcases. And now Dever Stage is poised to begin a new act, in which it will play this central role in our community even more powerfully.

Dever Stage will begin a renovation in 2022 encompassing everything from new seating, to state-of-the-art lighting and sound, new acoustical panels, additional “green” rooms and wider aisles for ease and comfort. If you ever attended an event in Dever or performed on its stage you know how important it is to both the University and the community.

What role can you play? We invite you to “Take a Seat!” We hope to raise $200,000 to make Dever even more inviting and comfortable for our next generation of students and community members. For as little as $250, you can help make this transformation possible.  A nameplate personalized by you, will be placed on each seat you “take”.  Gifts of a $500 or more will also be recognized on a donor wall in the newly renovated Parenzo Lobby!  Consider giving individually or join with friends from your Dever days.  If you would like to play an even greater role, please contact us.

Every gift will help transform this iconic facility into the premier event space in the region.

Giving Opportunities and donor recognition:

  • Donors of $1,000+ will be included on the donor wall and invited to a special reception
  • Donors of $500-$999 will be included on the donor wall
  • $500 Personalized nameplate on one seat (front row or aisle) 
  • $250 Personalized nameplate on one seat 

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Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have additional questions or would like to speak with someone further about how you can help this campaign, please email takeaseat@westfield.ma.edu or contact Marnie Dacko at mdacko@westfield.ma.edu or (413) 572-8648 or Bill Hynes at whynes@westfield.ma.edu or (413) 572-8647









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