Title IX

Female student athletes have given Westfield State athletics some of its greatest successes – do you know that Westfield State has fostered three individual national champions and two NCAA Final Four teams?

We have more than 1,900 alumni who have played a varsity sport for the Owls, and annually we have 250 roster spots for female student athletes across our programs.

As you may know, this is the 50th anniversary of Title IX, groundbreaking legislation that opened up academic and athletic opportunities to everyone.

While Title IX clearly created more opportunities for women at Westfield State – it did not solve was a 25-year gap in athletic alumni.  The Owl men had a head start, and that advantage is most glaring today when it comes to fundraising opportunities.

We’re looking to further “level the playing field” when it comes to supporting Westfield State athletics.    While our programs are fully funded for the rigors of regular season competition and equipment through both the University budget and supplemental funding through our Owl club fundraising, giving by alumni of Westfield State’s women’s teams lags behind the men in both donors and dollars.

Title IX 50 years

Our fundraising outreach on the 50th Anniversary of Title IX seeks to provide margin-of-excellence funding with the goal of providing top notch experiences for our student athletes – resulting in our athletes competing and our coaches recruiting at the highest available level.

These funds will:

  • Defray costs for special trips and tournaments
  • Aid in recruiting events, hosting a clinic for athletes and coaches, participating in National Girls and Women in Sports Days, or sending coaches out to recruit athletes across the northeast (or even the nation) bringing the next generation of successful student-athletes to Westfield State
  • Provide Professional Development for Coaches. Offering grants for coaches to attend professional development programs, improving their certifications, and raising the level of training and play for our student athletes.
  • Hosting Women in Sports Symposiums – A series of annual events focused on female student athletes and their unique needs; leadership, nutrition and health, mental health, career preparation.

This 50th anniversary of Title IX is a great chance to give back but to also share your experience at Westfield State. What was your athletics experience like?   What life skills did you learn or enhance by competing?  How have you used that in your later life?   Why do you think it’s important to support the next generation of college athletes? Please let us know!

To truly make a difference in the ways mentioned, our goal is $50,000 during the golden anniversary of Title IX. Help us work together to lead the next generation forward.