A Day in the Life of Athletic Trainer Meagan (Langevin) Farraher '01

Meagan (Langevin) Farraher ‘01 is an Athletic Trainer at Worcester Academy. She has been in the field for nearly 20 years. For Meagan, an essential part of her career is the sense of community she has cultivated. Sometimes it’s the little things that make her career feel so rewarding, like a simple wave from the security guard when she arrives or a thank you card from a parent after helping their child get back on their feet after surgery, therapy, or a fight with cancer. 

Athletic trainers enjoy a variety of responsibilities. They are the first responders to sports injuries, and they rehabilitate athletes after surgeries and injuries. In addition to providing physical support, they provide much-needed emotional support. They are available to listen to and assist their athletes in numerous ways. Because her job is home to an energetic and caring community, Meagan feels like she never spends a day at “work” - it feels like home. 

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