Bandhu Adhikari ’19 Published Article on Mental Health, COVID

Bandhu Adhikari ’19 recently published an article on the importance of mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic.   

According to the CDC, COVID affects mental health as well as physical health. The fear, stress, and worry about how to protect one’s family have affected many. Experts at Psychiatric Advisor also claim that the stresses of isolation and quarantine can lead to depression, anxiety, and anger. 

To understand how COVID has changed habits and behavior in Adhikari’s community, he interviewed three community leaders who recently recovered from COVID. One interviewee implemented daily meditation during his six-week recovery to reduce negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude. 

Yoga provides a similar function as meditation, relaxation, exercise, and socialization. Harvard Medical School suggests that yoga can help reduce stress and may help ease anxiety and depression.  

Adhikari is a practicing social worker in Harrisburg, PA. He has done research on autism spectrum disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. He earned his master’s in social work from Westfield State University in 2019. 

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