Dawn Grant ‘94 Coaches Athletes and Nonathletes to Peak Mental Performance

Dawn Grant, a board-certified hypnotist and mental trainer, published a comprehensive guide to help athletes and nonathletes create mindfulness practices and eliminate mental blocks. Her book, “7 Strokes in 7 Days: Quick and Easy Break-Through Mental Training That Will Revolutionize Your Golf Game and Life” draws from her decades of experience in creating techniques to help others improve their focus, calm their minds, increase their confidence, and stay calm under pressure. Her list of clients includes thousands of competitive athletes. 

“I have invested well over 60,000 hours to understanding the mind, its potential, our limitations, and how to be the best version of ourselves,” Grant wrote in the preface to her book. “I am obsessed with helping people to overcome their most difficult challenges and am on a journey to learn everything I can to be a master at it.” 

Grant is also the owner of Amelia Shotgun Sports, the co-founder and President of a nonprofit organization (Joy to the Children), and the inventor of the Mind Mastered website and app. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Westfield State College in 1994. 

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