Nicole Godard ’15 and Jaclyn Kopyscinski M’12 Published Pieces on Social Class

Nicole Godard ’15 and Jaclyn Kopyscinski M’12 Published Pieces on Social Class

Nicole Godard ’15 and Jaclyn Kopyscinski M’12 were recently published in English Journal, the main English teacher’s journal in the United States. Dr. Sophia Tatiana Sarigianides, Professor and Coordinator of English Education, was a co-guest editor of this special issue on teaching about social class in the English Language Arts classroom (in middle and high school). 

In 2020, Godard was a student in a graduate course taught by Dr. Sarigianides, while also serving as a high school English teacher. Godard worked with Dr. Sarigianides on her capstone for her Master of Arts, where she designed a research study about teaching social class in her AP course for high school seniors. The project was extremely strong, so Dr. Sarigianides encouraged her to submit a revision of it for publication. However, she would have to go through the proper channels that any author would need to go through, including blind review by teachers and teacher educators in the field. So, Godard endured the review process, and reviewers loved her piece.  

Dr. Sarigianides recommended another English department alumna and high school English teacher, Jaclyn Kopyscinski, to write for English Journal’s High School Matters column. Yet again, she had to endure the formal review process for the piece to move to publication, and she did it. Read her work here. 

Godard’s piece, Beyond Marx: Cultural Social Class Analysis in the English Language Arts Classroom, and Kopyscinski's piece, Addressing Social Class in the High School English Classroom, were both published in the 2022 issue of English Journal

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