Science Faculty, Acevedo, Salancinski, and McDonald, Have Work Published

Westfield State faculty work has recently been published, Dr. Roderico Acevedo and Dr. Amanda Salancinski for Support Cancer Care, and Dr. John McDonald for Adaptive Resource Management

Dr. Acevedo (Chemical & Physical Sciences) collaborated with Dr. Amanda Salancinski (Movement Science) to investigate the potential benefits of moderate exercise, through water aerobics, on breast cancer survivors by measuring body composition. The risk of lymphedema is high in survivors and therefore this result suggest that water aerobics may be a safe exercise method for breast cancer survivors.    

Salacinski, A.J., Doyle, E.J., Damon, R. et al. Effects of 12 weeks of water aerobics on body composition in those affected by breast cancer. Support Care Cancer (2020). 

Dr. John McDonald (Environmental Science) is co-author on a chapter on Adaptive Resource Management in the 8th edition of The Wildlife Techniques Manual.  This is the standard reference manual for wildlife biologists and managers, published by The Wildlife Society and Johns Hopkins University Press.