2019-20 Donor Honor Roll

The Westfield State Foundation, Inc. recognizes our donors for their contributions in Fiscal Year 2020. The Fiscal Year includes gifts made from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020.

Our students benefit greatly from your generosity and will continue to have an exceptional experience that extends to the classroom and beyond. Thank you for your unending support. 

Impact report

1839 Society | $25,000+

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Thomas Convery '78
Michael Daly '83 and Carol Daly '83
Lawrence Gwozdz '69 and Barbara Elsner-Gwozdz '69
Peter P. Laviolette, Jr. '86 and Kristen J. Laviolette
Oleksak Lumber Company, Inc.
Brian Stevens and Kathryn Stevens
The Howard, Jane, and Carol Robbins Family Memorial Trust
The Paul W. Dower Revocable Trust
Westfield Bank

University Circle | $10,000-$24,000 

Anonymous (1)
Mark Aldam '85
Robert Cox
Hangar of Westfield, Inc.
Roy Saigo and Barbara Saigo
Specialty Bolt & Screw, Inc.
Thankful & Grateful Ambassador

Trustees Circle | $5,000-$9,999 

Joan Corell
Daniel Dunn '78 and Katherine Dunn
Robert S. Grandfield '79 and Kathleen Grandfield
Grateful Alumnus
William T. Hogan, III '77 and Susan Hogan
Kane Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc.
Katherine A. McCluskey '49
Reverend Warren J. Savage
Michael P. Stolpinski and Nancy B. Stolpinski
Ralph M. Studley '00
The New Harvester Market
Thomas W. Vorderer
Tukcor Real Estate & Development Co.

Dickinson Circle | $2,500-$4,999 

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.
Baystate Health, Inc.
Michael J. Belle '86
Boise Cascade Distribution Center
Paul Boudreau and Elizabeth Scheibel H'17
Sheridan Carey '65 and Eileen Carey
John B. Davies H'13 and Sharon A. Davies
James Duffy '85 and Donna Duffy
John Gilbert, Jr. '79 and Claire Gilbert
Paul D. Goodwin '86
Russell A. Hammond '73 and Janice Carroll
Horizon Air Services, Inc.
Robert Martin and Elaine Martin
James P. McGilloway '78
George Mercuri '88 and Christina Mercuri
Kevin Queenin '70 and Barbara Queenin '70
The Ascolillo Family
The Lincoln Family Irrevocable Trust
The Westfield Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.

Scanlon Circle | $1,000-$2,499  

Anonymous (6)
Kenneth Bakstran '95 and Shauna Bakstran '97
Roger Barre and Constance Barre
Cheryl Bassett '88 and Amy Heydman
Dominick J. Blasioli, III '74 and Sandra B. Blasioli '77
Barbara H. Braem-Jensen H'14 and Robert Jensen
Erica Broman and Christopher Millette
David Campbell '84 and Colleen Campbell '85
David P. Caspole '94
William D. Chase '78 and Sheila A. Chase
Perry P. Davis '71 and Paula B. Davis '73
Michael J. Devine '82 and Linda Devine
John Doherty '90 and Ann Doherty
Daniel B. Ducharme, Jr.
Eaton Vance Investment Counsel
Everett & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc.
John F. Flynn, III '79 and Donna M. Flynn '80
Daniel Forster G'16 and Rosalie Forster L'94 G'95
Joyce A. Forte '76 and Gerardo Forte
James C. Hagan, Sr. '84 and Kristin Hagan
Brian Hanley '88 and Cindi Thrasher '90
Joseph B. Haswell '78
Jennifer Hixon
Michael E. Holubowich, Sr.
Jill E. Iacono Mavro '94
J.E. Gagnon Home Improvements
Christopher Kiatos '90 and Melissa Mattola-Kiatos
Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency, Inc.
Tim Krosch and Leah Nielsen
Lise M. Letellier
Love you to pIeCEs
Robert Mahar '56
John F. Malley, Jr. '87 and Tina M. Malley
Lydia E. Martinez-Alvarez '86, G'04 and Rafael Alvarez, Jr.
Marian J. McGovern G'89
Thomas McMahon and Lisa McMahon H'13
Timothy J. Menzie '87 and Lynne M. Menzie '87
Juline E. Mills
Salvatore Mollica and Colleen Mollica
John Morizio '75 G'87 and Ermelinda Morizio
Joseph M. O'Brien
James C. Peters '77 G'82 G'91 and Linda Peters
Steven C. Roche '77
Franklin Schutt '75 and Sharon Schutt '74
Lynn Shelley and Vincent Sireci
Stephen J. Taksar and Laure Morris
Angelo Taranto, Jr. '86 and Janice Taranto
Lolly Templeton G'88 and D. Jeffrey Templeton
The Sean M. Gannon Memorial Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation
The Mudville Bambino LLC
John W. Ward
Rev. Nancy Webb Stroud and William D. Stroud II
John B. Wefing
Westfield Electroplating Company
Russell M. Winchester '82 and Jackie Winchester
Frederick W. Woodward

President's Club | $500-$999   

Anonymous (8)
Stephen M. Adams and Suzanna C. Adams
John A. Aho '85 and Rosemarie Aho
Associated Grocers of New England, Inc.
Michael Beard '75 and Barbara Beckman Beard
Douglas Bonora '79 and Josephine Bonora
Russell P. Bosbach '80 and Nancy S. Tarquinio
Raymond N. Brown
Patricia S. Byrnes and James A. Byrnes
Carlos A. Canino '88
Charles R. Casartello, Jr. and Carol J. Kantany-Casartello
Claudia Ciano-Boyce
Heather Clark and Mytili Jagannathan
Kathleen L. Clark '69
Clinical Social Workers Association Inc.
Richard Crowley '80 and Joan N. Crowley '81
Michael F. Curtis G'97 and Mary E. Kaeding
D.A. Sullivan & Sons, Inc.
Carl Dagenais '85 and Elisa Dagenais
Thomas Dagenais '81 and Elizabeth Dagenais
Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc.
Edward P. Deveau '78
Joseph DiGregorio
Robert E. Edes '88
Elm Electrical, Inc.
Kevin Falvey '78 and Christine Falvey
Maria A. Falvo
Beverly S. Follis
David Fried
Francis Friguglietti '73 G'76 and Kathleen Hogan-Friguglietti '77, G'92
Donna M. Gaudrault
Susan C. Gerzabek '84 and Manfred Gerzabek
John Greaney H'80 and Susan Greaney '64
Scott A. Haraty and Lynette K. Haraty
Greggory Haynes '98 and Maribeth Haynes '99
Mary Louise Hoyt '92 and Stephen D. Hoyt
Iron Workers Union Local 7
Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts
Bernadette Jemiolo
Kevin D. O'Brien Estate
Janet Larese '71 and Gary Larese G'78
Lineage Logistics
Gregory P. Long '92
Gloria Lopez
Paul Mancinone '86 and Anna Mancinone
Marsha Marotta and Edward Marotta
Mestek, Inc.
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
Joanne Murphy '91 and John J. Murphy
Dennis M. Nolan, Sr.
Kevin G. O'Brien '90 and Linda M. O'Brien '92
O'Connor & Company Insurance Agency, Inc.
O'Connor & Drew, P.C.
OMG, Inc.
Robert C. O'Sullivan and Catherine O'Sullivan
David K. Picard
Real Dry Waterproofing of Eastern MA, LLC
John H. Rogers and Mary Beth Elliot
Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center
Sandra L. Rosen '68 G'72
Todd E. Rosner '89 and Rhonda I. Musikar-Rosner
Harold Dennis Sears
Jeffery M. Sharpe '75 and Margo Sharpe '75
Thomas M. Shea
Alfonso Shepard '94
Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield
Kathleen E. Sullivan '48
Tighe & Bond
Kimberly A. Tobin, PhD and Mr. John J. Jones
Emily Todd
Jennifer E. Vanover '09 and Michael Vanover

Westfield Society | $250-$499 

Anonymous (8)
Advance Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Air Compressor Engineering Company, Inc.
David Amanti and Holly Amanti
Audrey F. Antosz '20
Vincent G. Aurilio '80 and Mary Lynne Aurilio '81
Kaitlin M. Badjo '11
Baystate Noble Hospital
James Benedict
Joanne L. Bigelow '95
Elizabeth M. Blankenstein '80 and Ronald G. Blankenstein
Braman Chemical Enterprises, Inc.
Robert Bristow
Joseph J. Cauvin '86 and Rochelle A. Senz
Shelly Chadwick '93 and Donald Chadwick
Joshua T. Clark '15
Dan Clawson and Mary Ann Clawson
Jennifer Cloutier '99 and James Cloutier
Cynthia Coffey and Francis Coffey
Sean Collins
Stephen H. Collins and Susan P. Collins
Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
Charles Crowley '72 and Denise Crowley '73
Jane M. Curtin '82
Patrick M. Daggett '17
Bernard J. D'Agostino '88
Christopher Darby
Peter Davenport '80 and Cynthia Davenport
John Dempsey
William Devine '74 and Elaine Devine '76
Dole & Bailey, Inc.
William J. Donovan
Dunkin Donuts of Westfield
Richard N. Pierce and Mary Ann Fernandez
Michael C. Fitzgerald '02
Robert Forrant
Donald P. Freedman '95
William E. Freeman
Thomas Gardner
Susan S. Gauthier '71 G'75 and Martin Gauthier
Emily J. Gibbings '96
Scott G. Gowen '84
Reverend Barbara B. Hesse
James Huffmire H'14 and Stella Huffmire
Julie A. Hynes '87
Ricki E. Kantrowitz
Mary Keator
Michael Keegan '87 and Ann Keegan '88
Deborah A. Kline '83
James Krupienski and Megan Krupienski
Katherine Kwiatek
Lawrence Lajoie, III '74 and Barbara Lajoie
Brian Lanciault '12 and Kathy Lanciault
Victoria A. Landry '15
Tina Langevin
Michelle M. LeDoux
Jo-Anne Lemenager and Adrien Lemenager
Albert P. Lenge
Robert K. Long
William Lownds '76 and Mary Lownds
Kenneth Magarian '71 and Jane Magarian '76 L'94 G'98
Tara Maker
Diane M. Mastandrea '77
Matthew McCue '97 and Sarah McCue '99
Evan J. Moorhouse '16
Jack Mosko '78 and Janice Mosko
Judith K. Muir '65 and Robert A. Muir
Colleen M. Murphy '11
Karen M. Murphy '73 and James Cranston
Paul B. Nesbit '84 and Mark Jacobson
Tricia M. Oliver and Matthew M. Oliver
Nora A. Padykula '93
Charles Parker '88 and Mary Parker
David R. Pellerin
Michael R. Potaski
Diane Prusank and Robert Duran
Thomas E. Raffensperger
Robert Rausch
Susan M. Regensburger
Isabelina Rodriguez '85, G'88
Thomas K. Roscoe and Mary Beth Roscoe
Ryan & Boudreau, LLP
Matthew M. Sabourin '07
Gregory T. Sanocki
Marcia R. Scanlon
Cheryl Stanley
John P. Stewart
Edward Sullivan and Amy Sullivan
The Collina Revocable Trust
The Lagasse Group, LLC
Bryan Tierney '91 and Jennifer Tierney
William Toller '81 and Mary Toller G'93
Gloria B. Williams, Ed. D. '77 and Bud Williams '73
George Woodward '02 and Emily Woodward
WT Cox Information Services
Mary Zeppa and Eric Zeppa
Scott A. Ziter '94 and Stephanie Ziter


Century Club | $100-$249  

Anonymous (30)
Ruth C. Aborjaily
Adrene Adams '83 and Douglas Adams
Nicholas J. Aieta
Douglas J. Allen '88
Melissa A. Alvarado '99 and Sergio Alvarado
Jody Anderson G'08 and Glen D. Anderson
Jennifer L. Andrade '02
Dale L. Armstrong '85
Dianne Arnold '75 and Edward Arnold
Association of Professional Administrators
Andrew Backman and Katherine Broderick-Backman
Simone R. Backstedt
Richard T. Baer
Jennifer M. Balboni '92
Stephen W. Barrett '77
Darren Barry
David Bashaw
Kathryn Bashaw
Nathanial Bashaw and Cornelia Bashaw
Jean A. Beal and Merle Beal
John Bonafilia
Sara L. Borden and Michael Mansfield
Edward Boscher '94 and Zita Boscher
Richard H. Bourbeau '57
Paul Bracken '80 and Cheryl Bracken '80
William S. Bray '62
Deborah J. Brodie '89
Regina Buckley '80 and Daniel Buckley '81
Brian Burke
Michael F. Burtch '09
Madeleine Cahill
Patricia A. Callahan '59
Robert Camara '90
Ly Xuan Cao
Michael A. Carbone and Josie Carbone
Diana J. Cares '00
Tracey L. Carlson '82 and Richard E. Carlson
Richard Carpenter '68 and Colleen Carpenter '70
Mark Carrasquillo '04 G'08
Joseph Carvalho, III '75 and Gayle E. Carvalho '75
Thomas E. Casartello, Sr. and Mary C. Casartello
Tony F. Casciano
Katie Casey
Dominique N. Chapman '06
Samuel Chery '08 G'11
Aaron R. Childs '99
David Ciminelli '12 and Caitlin Ciminelli '10
Noah F. Cirisoli '19
Judith M. Clini '74 and Stephen D. Clini
David Clivio '78 and Ann Clivio
John Coach, Jr. '63, G'68 and Joanne Coach '62, G'84
James Collins '80 and Amy Collins
William J. Condon '82
Joseph A. Conry, Jr. '88 and Kathryn Conry
Kathleen M. Corso '84
Cowan Construction, Inc.
Brett Cox '96
Lynne M. Croteau '86 and Todd Croteau
Maryjo Crowley '68 and Daniel Crowley
Robert Culkeen G'95 and Elizabeth Culkeen '84
Richard J. Cunningham, Jr. '64 and Paula M. Cunningham '64
Sharon M. Czarnecki '92 and Joseph Czarnecki
Jerome M. Czuprynski
Jennifer S. Daly '90
Kyle Darby
Barbara J. Daubitz '67
Thomas H. Daviau '74 and Pamela J. Daviau
Peter Davis and Janna Davis
Gregory DeBlois and Carol DeBlois
Gregory D. Degermajian G'10
Matthew Della '11 and Alexandra Dellea '12
Lisa J. Desforge '88 and Martin A. Flagg
Richard J. Desforge '84
Jennifer M. DeSimone '90
Charles E. Desmarais, Jr. '58 and Joan Desmarais
Vanessa Diana and Daniel Diana, Jr.
Jennifer M. DiGrazia
William C. Dillon '76 and Susan Dillon
Wayne R. Dimetres '72 and Patty F. Dimetres
MaryAnn Dion '71 G'90
Mara Dodge
Timothy J. Donohoe
Celeste M. Donovan
Kevin Dooley
Deborah A. Downey '84
Driscoll Family Revocable Trust
Esther M. Eacho '64
Ann Ekstrom '66 G'73 and Arne Ekstrom
Stephen M. Estelle '79 and Marcia J. Estelle '79 G'93
David W. Evans '85
Donald Evans G'93 and Judith Evans
Herbert Everett
Jonathan Fallon and Cheryl Fallon
Dana Farnham '92 G'96
David Farnham '73 and Jane Farnham
Kevin G. Farren '82 and Peggy M. Farren
Donald T. Ferris
Lori Fischer
Delia Fisher
Cheryl Fitzgerald '92 and Gary Fitzgerald
Mark Flaherty '96 and Kristen Fenton '96
Julie Fleron
Dean N. Fournier, USN, Ret. '71
Mark R. Fournier '78 and Michelle E. Fournier
Adrienne M. Francis '10
Linda Frank '61 and Bruce Frank
Elisa French
Katherine Frye '76 G'95
Stephen A. Gaebel '89
Irma N. Garcia-Zingarelli '86
Edward Garvey, Jr. '70 G'78 and Jane Garvey '71
Janet L. Gebelt
David Gelinas '76 and Monica Smith Gelinas '76
John P. Gillette '86
Victor E. Gilmer '89
Deirdre A. Godfrey G'09
Margaret Goggins '91 and William Goggins
Jay A. Goldstein
Karen Gomez '98 G'01
Juan A. Gonzalez '14
Robert Goyette H'17 and Ann Goyette
David B. Grady
James Gravel and Beverly Gravel
Willard M. Gray, III '93 and Kelly A. Gray
Robert P. Green, Jr.
Gerald Griffin '69 and Betty-Lou Griffin
Dennis B. Guerri '70
Richard Guistina '65 G'71 and Virginia Guistina '65 G'90
Kenneth R. Haar and Marcia B. Haar
William B. Hackenson '73 and Elizabeth Hackenson
Jerry Hadjah and Elizabeth Hadjah
Brian Hailes '19
Maureen E. Hanley '81
Gail E. Healey G'85
Thomas P. Heffernan, Sr. '90 and Eileen Heffernan '91
Donna M. Heinz '81
Neil T. Henderson '01
Elizabeth Hennessy '87
Terrell Hill '92 and Charmaine Bradshaw-Hill
Linda S. Hogan-Shea
Geraldine M. Holden '87
Christopher Holl '04 and Katherine Holl '06
Philip K. Hotchkiss
Antwain K. Hunter '07
Bruce Hurst '84 and Lorie Hurst
Patricia Hutchison
William M. Hynes
Mary Jakubowski
Mark S. Johnson '95
Richard H. Joseph '68
Joan M. Kareta '74
Stephen Kelly '83 G'91 and Tina Kelly
Donald Kennefick '82 and Mary Kennefick '82
Karen Keser
Rebecca Keys and Chris Keys
Agnes Kimokoti
Christopher E. Kinsella
Diana L. Kleindienst '68
Kathleen Knapik G'08 and Michael Knapik
Gretchen M. Konrad
Diane M. Korza '71
William Sandidge and Nancy Koughan
Laurie A. Labato-Ditomasso '95 and John C. Ditomasso
David Laing
Richard A. Lambert, Jr. '78
James Leahy '99 and Eileen Brady Leahy
Nancy A. Leef
Joan C. Lehoullier '83
Daniel S. Letteriello '14
Carol Lewis Edelman '85 and James Edelman
Scott P. Liberman '90 and Maureen Liberman
Paul W. Liberty '79 and MaryEllen Liberty '80
Patricia Liptak and Francis Liptak
Wayne F. Lis '90
Gregory Little '72 G'75 and Linda Little '72 G'77
Joshua Loell '16 and Beth Loell '15
Mitchell J. Longley '86
James Lynch '70 and Denise Lynch
Steven Mailloux '14 G'15 and Amelia Mailloux
Elaine A. Malboeuf
Gary Mandia '86 and Laura Mandia '86
Stephen A. Mangine, Jr. G'82 and Karen Mangine
Ronald Manley '74
Edward Marth '67 and Sandra Marth '67
Alex Masel '79
Maureen Mason
Iris Mathis-Spellman '97
Janine Mauldin '03 and Zachary McMullen
Robert Mayo '78 and Deborah Mayo
Peter D. Mazza L'94 and Arlene J. Mazza
L. Michael McCarthy and Maureen McCartney
Janet B. McEacharn '74 G'85 and Roscoe P. McEacharn
Hubert McGovern and Patricia McGovern
John C. McIntyre '88
Heather McIsaac-Smith '91 and Chris Smith
Francis McLaughlin and Clare McLaughlin
Mary Ann McSweeny
Ryan Meersman '12  G'18 and David Cisek '12 G'19
Cynthia Menard '82 and Steven Menard
Edward G. Merrill '67
Kimberly J. Miller
William Miller '53 and Carol Miller
Peter N. Mole 1989
Donald Moorhouse and Katie Moorhouse
Patricia A. Morano '87
Deborah A. Morrison '76
Cheryl M. Moynahan
Norman J. Muller G'76
Nancy W. Naftulin
Alexander Nardacci '63 and Judith Nardacci
Linda E. Nober
George D. Nolan
Joyce C. Nolan
Barbara Norton '76 and David Norton
Barbara A. Nowak '77
Ryan P. O'Connell '13
Barbara O'Connor '85 and Robert O'Connor
Darlene O'Connor '76 and George O'Connor
Michael O'Keefe '80 and Donna O'Keefe
Tricia O'Neil Hanrahan '75
William FX O'Neil
Carlos Ortiz-Longo and Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz
Wilma A. Pappalardo '90 and Joseph L. Pappalardo
Timothy Parshall
Robin Parsons
Tammie J. Payette '83
Jeffrey S. Pechulis
Dorene Pennell
Michael J. Perry '76 and Pamela M. Perry '76
Judy Perusse
William Phelps '93 and Nancy Phelps
Carlton Pickron and Lisa Coletta-Pickron '86
Mitchell T. Pietras, Jr. and Marjorie A. Pietras
Richard A. Pigott and Mary L. Pigott
Beverly J. Pina '74
Pamela A. Pion '71 and Martin J. Pion
Daniel Poplawski '94 and Claudine Poplawski '94, G'98
Raymond S. M. Poudrier '66 and Melanie Poudrier
Barbara Powers '56 and Robert Powers
Thomas J. Powis and Lisa A. Powis
Mark Prior '81 and Abigail Prior
Rosemary T. Ray G'79
Barbara E. Rejniak '79
Joseph P. Richards '85 and Susan A. Richards '84
Holly A. Robbins
Harry Rock and Anne Rock
Michael Rockwal '90 and Eileen Rockwal '91
Thomas B. Rodger '76
Valeria Rodriguez
Michael P. Rooney '84 and Janet L. Rooney '85
Ralph L. Rousseau '70
Katherine Rowe '82
Ronald J. Russell, Jr. and Laura J. Russell
Erik Ryan '02
Alireza Salehi and Mandana Salehi
Sophia T. Sarigianides
Christopher J. Scanlon, Sr. '72
Michael Scanlon '94 and Erin Scanlon '96
Scheier, Katin & Epstein, P.C.
Fritz R. Schmidt
Maureen D. Scholl '81
Joseph Seckler '79 and Diane Seckler '79
Lisa Shea '94  L'06
Richard F. Sheehan '85 and Margaret H. Sheehan '85
Sarita Sheehan '05  G'15
Laurie Simpson '92 G'96 G'03
Roy E. Smith
Maureen Socha
Ellen Souza '74 and Stephen Souza
Cornelius Spellman '76 and Denise Spellman '77
Jolene Spencer
Christopher A. Spicer '08
Elizabeth Spirko and Peter Spirko
Beverly St. Pierre
Edward Stake, Jr. '79 and Kathy Stake
Daniel Sullivan '84 and Ann Sullivan '84
Stuart T. Szmaciasz '87
Jill M. Talladay
The Magovern Committee
The McCarthy Revocable Trust
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston
Karsten Theis
William I. Thompson, IV '92
Douglas Tierney '71 and Arlene Tierney '71
Gary W. Tirrell '75
Christina Toro and Bonnie Leonard
John Torrone '00 and Alison Torrone
Lorraine D. Tousignant '58
Trujillo Chiropractic Center Inc.
Kathleen M. Twohig '70
Anna I. Uliana '72
Susan M. Van Sweden '79
Jeanne Vasu
Susan Velis G'94 and James Velis
Camille T. Visconti '82
Kathleen E. Walters '91 and Edward E. Walters, II
Carol Waniewski '64 and Michael Waniewski
Maureen O. Wark '85
Erik J. Washburn '16
Judith A. Webb
Deborah A. Weldon '72
Therese M. Wheatley '58 G'78
Keith E. Whitcher '94
Matthew Whitcomb '82
Robin White
Dale T. Wise
Patrick W. Hayes, III '76 and Melissa A. Hayes
Heather M. Witalisz-Siegel
John E. Womboldt '77
George E. Yankowski
Donald Ziemba '76 and Gail Ziemba '68 G'76


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