Scholarship Application Process

Westfield State Foundation, Inc. is pleased to offer a simple online scholarship application process for students applying for academic scholarships at Westfield State University.
Based on information provided through the general application form, the online application program automatically recommends scholarships to students.

Getting Started

The scholarship application has a General Application section and an Opportunities section. After submitting the general scholarship application, the program will automatically apply you to scholarships for which your information is a perfect match. No additional steps are needed for the “auto matched” scholarships.  Please note, several of the scholarships we offer have this “auto-match” feature.

To maximize the number of scholarships for which you'll be considered, it is important to take advantage of applying to any additional "apply to" scholarships that the system recommends for you based on answers entered on your general application and/or academic information uploaded from our campus records database thus far. To apply for these additional scholarships, you must click on the “recommended” button to view the “apply to” scholarship list and follow the instructions.

Applications can be saved at any time by clicking “Save and Keep Editing” at the bottom of the form. If corrections need to be made after the scholarship application has been submitted, log in and update the information before the application deadline.

Password Protection

When logging in for the first time, create an account using your Westfield State user name and password. This Westfield State username and password must be used to log in to the scholarship application site.

Newly admitted students, must make sure they have received a Westfield State University student ID number and have activated their account with a valid email address before attempting to apply for any of the “Incoming Freshman” scholarships.

Current Westfield State University students will use their Westfield State login credentials as you log in and out to complete and update applications without having to create and remember a different password.

For help with your Westfield State ID or password, please contact the Student Technology Support Desk:  available from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Sunday thru Thursday, at extension 5528 or (413) 572-5528 off-campus.


Westfield State University is committed to providing the latest security and data encryption services for your protection. We do not collect personal information on our website to sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose to outside organizations.

Scholarship Directory

When you log in to the scholarship application portal, you can review the opportunities page for a comprehensive list of our many academic scholarships. Since scholarships are offered to students who meet specific criteria provided by various donors, departments, and organizations, we encourage you to apply regardless of your accomplishments, field of study, class level, or GPA.

Please be aware, there may be different application deadline dates for some of the scholarship opportunities.