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Gifts made to the Westfield State Foundation change the lives of Owl students every day.

Westfield State University is an education leader, committed to providing every generation of students with an unparalleled learning experience both in the classroom as well as through experiential learning opportunities such as internships, practicums, and assistantships.

Your support makes an integral impact in ensuring that students are given opportunities to succeed.

Your gift provides Westfield State students with:

  • Increased financial aid and scholarships
  • Paid student internships
  • Academic programs responsive to workforce needs
  • Educational opportunities in the community, region, and world


Your Gift Matters

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"My Mom, Dad, and Aunt have all left their mark at Westfield State, from being an athlete to being apart of Student Government. By awarding me the Alumni Association Scholarship, I can focus on making my last mark at Westfield State."

-Caitlin MacNeill | Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient



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"The Berkshire Bank Scholarship will help alleviate my financial burden and allow me to focus on my studies. I hope one day I will also be able to help students reach their goal in higher education by assisting them in the same way you are me."

-Shelby Houle | Berkshire Bank Scholarship Recipient



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"During my journey to earn my degree, I have been very motivated by a desire to show my kids what is possible when you work hard and believe in your abilities. Receiving this BJ Bourdon/ Zonta Scholarship is a wonderful demonstration of the ways hard work and discipline can be rewarded."

-Jessica Kelley | BJ Bourdon/ Zonta Scholarship Recipient



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"By awarding me the Carey Family Scholarship, you are letting me do exactly what I came to Westfield State to do: learn. Your generosity and helpfulness is exactly why I want to be an educator." 

-Jacob Kapinos | Carey Family Scholarship Recipient



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"The music department here makes me feel that I am home and reminds me every day that I made the right choice to come to Westfield State."

-Samuel Tsongalis | Catherine A. Dower Scholarship for Music



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"Because of the Class of 1970 Scholarship, I can focus on my dream of being an Elementary School teacher, and becoming a role model for inspiring young students to achieve their dreams."

-Carolyn Wallace | Class of 1970 Scholarship Recipient



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"I am currently living the dream at Washington D.C. interning with the US Marshals at the Eastern District Court of Virginia. The reason I was able to be part of this internship was because of this Fredrick S. "Joe" Kareta Scholarship. I will forever be thankful for this donation."

-Ana Burgos | Fredrick S. "Joe" Kareta Scholarship Recipient



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"Because of your donation through the Future Teachers Scholarship, I will be able to continue my dream of becoming a first grade bilingual teacher!"

-Aidelyz Ruiz Robles | Future Teachers Scholarship Recipient



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"I truly believe that there is no better time than the present to promote journalistic integrity, and by aiding Westfield State students like myself in reaching their goals, you have directly contributed to the next generation of journalists eager to spread the wealth of knowledge across both our country and the world."

-Jesse Buckman | Henry Wefing Journalism  Scholarship Recipient



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"Your donation from the Jeff and Lolly Templeton Family Scholarship has proven to me that people do care about my education and it will make me strive to excel in the upcoming school year knowing someone has faith in me."

-Sarah Monroe | Jeff & Lolly Templeton Family Scholarship



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"It empowers me to know that my story is validated and inspires people like you to support my education. Westfield Sate University is supplying me with the educational tools to build a career that will be a servitude to young students in Massachusetts."

-Manuel Morales | Mildred Maude Evans Scholarship



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"I hope that I can be as great as an impact on the community here at Westfield State University as Mr. Handy and Ms. Spears were.  In their honor, I will do my very best to implement by example the most tight-knit, inclusive, and compassionate community here at Westfield State University."

-Paul Soucy | Spears/Handy Scholarship Recipient



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"Coming from a family of five and being the first in my family to attend a university, I am able to set an example for my younger siblings. Being awarded the Thomas H. Convery Scholarship for Community Service and excelling through my academic career, I have proven to them that through hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their goals."

-Matthew Giebel | Thomas H. Convery Scholarship for Community Service



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"My educational pursuits would not be possible without your kind and generous Westfield State Foundation Scholarship, which will also motivate me to maintain my GPA and successfully complete my degree."

-Lyric Lamagdelaine | Westfield State Foundation Scholarship



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